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The solutions to ensure receivables are numerous, and they differ from country to country… there is also a difference between domestic coverage from private insurers and export coverage from the government agency.

To use this instrument to protect your business in a correct and effective way it is recommended to consult a professional broker who advises in the day to day administration of the policy.

We offer our experience of combined more than 25 years in this special segment:

  • Intensive analysis of needs and requirements of the prospect
  • Work out a fitting policy arrangement
  • Negotiations with the insurer regarding optimal coverage
  • Support in achieving adequate credit limits and acceptance ratio
  • Assistance with the implementation of a policy
  • Training of the employees in charge of the day today handling of the policy
  • Advise in day to day business, especially in the fulfillment of all obligations of the insurance policy
  • Management of the prolongation of the contract or rearrangement of the cover concept
Credit insurance
Trade Credit Insurance brokerage is a very specialized service, and as the service is continuously upgrading differently in different countries there is a wide range of product variations, clauses and also obligations. Always depending on the individual company needs this applies among others to:
  • Policy coverage
  • Domestic, export / definition of insurable portfolio / single risk cover / short term, medium term
  • Type of premium
  • Turnover premium: on insured clients / on insured turnover
  • On balance outstanding: from insured clients / from insured receivables
  • On credit limits
  • Fixed
  • Franchises
  • Self retention (10-20%)
  • Each and every loss
  • Threshold
  • Annual aggregate
  • manufacturing risk cover, seasonal credit limits, top up cover, run in- run off cover, …
Delcreda credit insurance
Single risk coverage
Single risk/buyer project coverage in high-risk countries: cover of commercial, political and pre-shipment risk, the unfair calling of bonds as well as contract frustration cover. For bigger single risk projects Delcreda follows a different approach for its client’s requests:
  • Collecting Information: reports, financials and ‘story’
  • Analysis: making the first evaluation if the potential buyers are insurable for the requested amounts => increases the probability of getting an offer
  • Finding the fitting insurer(s): private and/or state-owned (ECA) insurers