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When your buyer is not complying with the agreed payment terms, and his invoices are overdue, we can help you start the out-of-court debt collection procedure.
There are different ways to proceed: either a company tries to organize it all on its own or it uses the expertise from specialists in this segment.
As a specialist for debt management, we are offering together with our external partners (when needed) all services for an effective debt collection in Russia and countries in the Adriatic/Balkan region.

Pre legal collection
We are always acting with diplomacy, stubbornness and in a way adapted to the debtor and target for individual payment agreements. On the case-to-case basis we offer the pre-legal (out-of-court) debt collection procedure in Russia, Adriatic/Balkan region and it includes:
  • the dunning process: reminder letters, calls, visiting and negotiating with the debtor
  • we check the economic situation of the debtor and analyze the legal situation regarding overdue invoices (i.e. contract, invoice, 'act', complaints, limitation of liability, limitation of claim, etc.)
  • in Russia, we use our fast contact network in municipal and regional administrations that are usually in good contact to their local companies
Court procedures
In case the pre-legal measures were not successful we offer to follow the necessary steps for your court procedures in Russia and countries in the Adriatic/Balkan region:
  • Support by our experienced lawyer concerning the decision regarding the appropriate court (state court, arbitrage court, location) that promises the best success
  • Filing suit against the debtor, follow up for obtaining a verdict
  • Litigation and enforcement of verdicts – can be quite complicated!
Consulting for bankruptcy proceedings
We offer professional representation service in pending bankruptcy proceedings in Russia, and in countries of the Adriatic/Balkan region: •    submitting your bankruptcy petitions to the court •    participating at creditors meetings and representing your interests (in and out of court)